Volunteers platform/app

17 juli 2020

VLNTR is a platform/app that connects individuals who want to contribute to society with organizations that need volunteers. VLNTR offers a platform where organizations can find, match, coordinate and manage volunteers.

Required Capital: 

€ 135-140k equity investment.

Investment breakdown:

Marketing: €33.7k
Debt payoff: €20k
Continued platform/app development:  €50k
Monthly costs: €8k
Costs to the founder: €24k

Company phase:




Number of founders:

Currently 1, soon to be 2.

Number of emloyees:

No employees. Support activities are outsourced.

Legal structure:

Private limited company (BV) with 100% of the shares owned by the founder.

Turnover (Historical & Forecast):

Total for 2020-22:
Premium Licenses: 641X€15=€9.615,00
Professional Licenses: 320X€23,00=€7.360,00
VLNTR shop transactions 3200X€1,50=€4.800,00
School licenses: €9403,35
Promoted vacancies: €7518,45

EBITDA (Historical & Forecast):

Estimated monthly income over the next 3 years: €38k

Ideal investor specs:

Repeated investment.

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