An app that makes its users healthier and more informed

16 augustus 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

This is a smart digital platform that helps users eat better, shop smarter and live healthier. This company is unique because their only App is the only one on the market that provides an automated holistic view of the user’s health, combining vital signs, calorie and nutrition intake, and physical activity in real-time. They use Hybridintelligence for the 1st time in this domain.

Business Model:

B2C – Basic subscription (€1.99/month) and premium subscription (€3.99/month).

B2B – The possibility of integrating with Fitbit or supermarkets/retail. €60,000 per API integration/year white-label contract.


Type klant:

B2B & B2C


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor en/or Venture Capitalist



This is the 1st Unified platform with Hybrid Intelligence, which combines Vital health data & current life style of the users. Every person’s intake is different. Some need more calories and some need less. With this service and with their Hybrid Intelligence, they tailor your intake requirement based on your current health state, goals, and needs. They strongly believe that “Everybody is different so is the definition of eating healthy”. With their service, you can discover what is healthy for you. 1st intelligent app to boost the “Sleep Cycles” for target users.

The app of this company is connectable with your wearable to track your activity and they provide connectivity and integration (Apple Watch/Samsung Health, FitBit, Google Health and Huawei health). Their app will then be able to give you 100% personal advice on what to eat when to eat, and the amount of food. This company is well-positioned to serve the $236 B global HealthApp market.


Benodigd Kapitaal:

€500.000,- (co-investor)


Investerings behoefte:

  • Improving the product and enhancing the value proposition (adding self-learning capability and real time advisory). 
  • Intensive marketing.


Health and Impact



Early Growth


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Overige relevante informatie:

The patents for their service and product are registered. More information can be given by contacting the entrepreneur. 

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