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30 augustus 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

There are 2.7 billion gamers in the world. Did you know 400 million of these gamers wants to win real prizes in games? Today, that’s only possible in eSports where just 25.000 gamers qualify to compete for grand prizes and fame. This Startup shares the winner mentality of her community. As one of Europe’s leading real-money skill gaming platforms, this startup’s goal is to become #1.

The team behind the startup is dedicated to putting their community first and offering the most popular skill games out there. The thrill of competing excites gamers all over the world, especially when you start playing for small cash prizes. Experience head-to-head competitions or participate in tournaments with up to 50.000 people. All games are 100% skill-based and with real people.

The company is founded and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and with a team of 20+ specialists it aims to scale its platform further. Amsterdam is currently the tech capital of Europe and therefore the perfect location for the headquarters of this company.


Business Model:

Our business model is simple: Player X entree fee €1,- and Player Y entree Fee €1,- thus then the gross revenue is €2,-. The price for the winner is €1,70 and the startup gets €0,30 a 15% Fee.

Type klant:



Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor



– Web based and App-based

– Players can cash out multiple times

– White label with exclusive business partners (example: Hard rock cafe)

– Multiple games in App

– Quality games of own development


Benodigd Kapitaal:

€1.600.000,- (al €400.000,- voldaan, totale ronde: €2.000.000,-)


– Expand in the EU

– Scaling user acquisition

– Rolling out the White label

– Scaling hosting

– Optimizing the platform






Series A


Aantal founders:



Aantal huidige werknemers:



Maandelijkse omzet (huidig):

€200.000,- (Gross Revenue)

Omzet (Prognose) komende 12 maanden:

€1.500.000,- (Net Revenue)

Omzet (Prognose) maand 13 – 24:

€3.000.000,- (Net Revenue)

Huidige maandelijkse kosten:



Reeds toegezegde financiering:

Voor deze ronde zijn er aan €400.000,- toegezegde investeringen door de huidige investeerders.

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