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4 juni 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

This startup is a smart device independent solution for sharing and managing your personal and business data. You’ll only have to connect with people from your network once and keep your own data up-to-date. All your relations will do the same.

This way, you and alle other members will always have the correct information from all connected business and personal connections. Take your network to the next level and benefit from it in your career and personal life.

Benefits for Ecosystem Members:

  1. Always up2date, complete and deduplicated address books;
  2. Change email, phone or adresses as often as you like;
  3. Keep control who has access to your data;
  4. Always connected with those who matter.


Benefits for connected Enterprises:

  1. Always Up-to-data and dedoubled CRM’s; no cascading costs due to data errors
  2. Reduced CRM admin and updating costs;
  3. Less customer frustration, more client oriented solution instead of company oriented solution.

This high-tech big data oriented startup reverses the ‘chain of information flow’ using blockchain technology. Within the Ecosystem all data owners maintain and update their personal and business data from 1 single place. Compliant to the ‘Bring You Own Data’ (BYOD) concept.

The company was founded sept 2013 and already has a 6-year track record in the data sharing and commercial data cleaning services domain. They gained intensive knowledge and understanding of this market.

The startup owns a user base of 1000 members and 200 connected companies, which have an average CRM size of 25.000 records.  Although the first revenue was already generated, the company is not focussed on revenue but rather on user growth (like Whatapp). The goal of the startup is filling the platform with valuable data. YTD they have approx. 200.000 complete, validated and dedoubled data fields in our Ecosystem, insert direct from the source, the data owners. Data is a ‘billion euro business a year’.


Business Model:

The platform has an Freemium model, with 2 modes: (1) Privacy mode and (2) Earning mode. In the privacy mode the company will not trade with members data, but will ask a free to support the platform costs. In earning mode, they will clean Enterprise CRM’s with the concent of the data owners, and reward the consent with credits. Enterprises will pay us per cleaned CRM records, per field. Where not all fields have the same price. Additional revenue stream will be adds, but in a friendly form.


Type klant:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; Incubator/Accelerator

Wat onderscheidt jouw onderneming van anderen in jouw sector (USP’s)?:

  1. There is no solution as this on the market yet, for easy data sharing between 2 business professionals. The closest alternative solution is LinkedIn;
  2. A.I. ready: Semantically rich datasets on demand with user consents and granular permissions;
  3. GDPR compliant and privacy centric: Enables ethical, controlled data exchange;
  4. Ability to Sync a variety of address books out of the box: Google contacts, iOS contacts, office365;
  5. Ability to Sync all CRM’s via the open and paid API connection services;
  6. Decentralized & Trusted | No Middleman: Running on Ethereum and Swarm makes it censorship resistant, trustless, hacker proof and with zero downtime;
  7. Mobile first approach with Simplicity: Easy to use.


Benodigd Kapitaal:




Refactoring platform to blockchain and operations (hosting)



B2B Software



Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


Maandelijkse omzet (huidig):



Omzet (Prognose) komende 12 maanden:



Omzet (Prognose) maand 13 – 24:


Huidige maandelijkse kosten:


Reeds toegezegde financiering:

€500.000,- by CEO/Founder

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