Fast one-click checkouts for shoppers

30 september 2022

This startup believes in a better way of shopping. Therefore, they created one-click logins & fast checkouts all over the web. To make life easy for shoppers and enable e-commerce businesses to increase revenue.

Don’t worry: you don’t need to change anything in your current progress. They have built there software on top of your current systems. Just install and go. No other dashboards to keep track of, they make sure to put all necessary data in your systems. Super secured with biometric verification.

Business model:

B2B e-commerce, 0,25 cents per successful transaction and nothing more.

  • No extra fee or %;
  • No subscription;
  • No integration fees.

Customer type:


Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, Strategische investeerder


  • Easy to install;
  • Conversion improvement from day 1 with +5% untill 30%;
  • Benefit the daily growing network;
  • New implementations are complicated and time- consuming. That’s why this company made it easy for merchants.

Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

– €200k Extended growth, legal;

– €500k Internal team on delivery and success (tech);

– €300k marketing & sales


B2B Software, E-Commerce, SaaS


Early Growth

Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Experience founder:

2 experienced founders in fast paced and platform organizations. The company has a team of experienced advisors to support the founders.

Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Previous funding committed:

€100.000,- by current founders.

Other relevant information:

-Already ‘big whales’ signed as contracts.

-Partners & integrations; Buckeroo, Mollie, Adyen, stripe,, webwinkel keur,

-Meeting with VC’s for around € 400.000,-.

-Pipeline Whales; Aldi, T-Mobile, Etos, Mirage Retail group, Royal Swinckels, Rituals, Ahold Delhaize, Blokker and many more.

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