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24 september 2020

VaVersa is a subscription service for fresh herbs, greens and microgreens through High Tech Indoor Gardens. We aim at disrupting the HORECA industry by introducing a solution that helps chefs to create better and healthier dishes by using fresh, ultra-local herbs and microgreens.

Our technology and services allows chefs to grow their own food in indoor environments year round, while getting high quality produce and making a very positive environmental impact.

VaVersa is a for-profit BV, incorporated in February 2017 in the Netherlands. VaVersa has been in a private beta for the last 2 years with paying clients including high end restaurants, hotels and large catering organizations (Sodexo). VaVersa is launching formally in the market with its latest solution in Q3 2020, and the seed investment will be used to execute the first part of its commercial plan while continuing the development of its technology and solution.

Required capital:

€ 600,000. We already have a co-investor VC willing to co-invest and 3 angel investors.


Agri; Food; Horeca

Phase of the organization:


Legal Structure:

VaVersa BV is the working BV, and each of the 3 founders has a personal holding. 

Investment uses:

Team: 45%

Marketing & Sales (excl people): 5%

Working Capital: 25%

R&D (excl people): 10%

Other (buffer, travel, rent etc.): 15%

Number of founders:


Number of employees:

2 FTEs, 2 PTE

Desired type of investor:

Informal investor(s), Venture Capitalist 

Ideally commercial experience and network in Food/HORECA. Playing a role in helping to secure the next investment round.



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