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23 mei 2022

This partner helps food and tech startups grow from 2 to 5 rapidly with Growth Marketing!

How? Not by just running your Ads, SEO, and all of that… They take on a holistic approach to Marketing.
Starting from defining what is fundamentally needed to grow, and designing a growth plan until executing that with the โ€˜โ€™best specialistโ€™โ€™ from the market (senior freelancers).

If you are..
* A B2C product (e-commerce)
* In need of help with professionalizing the marketing
* In need of help with strategy, marketing operations or both
* Short handed internally (not all design, marketing, or development specialists in- house)

And doing..
* Between 1-5 million annual revenue

Aiming for..
* Growth of 30% YoY

Then this is the partner can help you with your marketing!
Reach out to them by leaving your contact details in the reaction form.

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