Innovative art experience in the center of Amsterdam

16 augustus 2023

Benodigd kapitaal

€ 250.000,-

Maandelijkse omzet

€ 0,-

Minimale ticketsize

€ 25.000,-


Leisure, Horeca

We have been operating an attraction in Amsterdam since the end of January 2023. In the building located in the heart of De Pijp, opposite the Marie Heinekenplein. We have built an ‘art experience.’ It is an innovative way to explore the world of painting. It features replicas of 50 iconic paintings gathered in one place, along with interactive experiences. The paintings are displayed in chronological order from the Renaissance to ‘De Stijl,’ allowing visitors to take a ‘time travel’ journey through the evolution of painting. The layout of the attraction encourages visitors to take plenty of photos. With this setup, it becomes an appealing destination for art enthusiasts, tourists  and schools interested in exploring the world of painting and experiencing an interactive cultural adventure.

Business model:

  • Selling admission tickets: (Verkoop toegangsbewijzen)
  • Selling food and beverages: (Verkoop horeca)
  • Selling items in the shop: (Verkoop in de winkel)
  • Selling replicas: (Verkoop replica’s)
  • Renting space for events (dinners, birthdays, company outings, etc.), film/advertisement shootings: (Verhuur van ruimte voor evenementen, (diners, verjaardagen, bedrijfsuitjes, enz.), film- /reclame-opnames

The revenue is increasing exponentially, while the fixed costs remain the same, and the variable costs are rising marginally. This allows for the possibility of achieving substantial profits once the breakeven point is reached. Beside that, there is also a good possibility for franchising.


  1. Chronological Journey through Art: The Art Experience offers a unique opportunity for visitors to take a chronological journey through the development of painting from the Renaissance to ‘De Stijl.’ This immersive and educational experience sets it apart from traditional art exhibitions.
  2. Innovative Art Experience: The attraction combines traditional art with interactive experiences, making it an innovative and engaging way for visitors to explore and connect with art.
  3. Replica Collection: Having replicas of 50 iconic paintings in one place provides a concentrated and convenient opportunity for art enthusiasts and tourists to appreciate and learn about famous artworks they might not have access to otherwise.
  4. Prime Location: Situated in the heart of De Pijp, opposite the Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam, the Art Experience enjoys a prime location, easily accessible to both locals and tourists.
  5. Visitor Engagement: Encouraging visitors to take photos and actively participate in the experience fosters higher engagement, making it a memorable and shareable visit.
  6. Multi-Purpose Venue: In addition to the art exhibition, the attraction offers various services, such as selling tickets, food, beverages, replicas, and even renting space for events like dinners, birthdays, and film/reclame recordings, making it a versatile and dynamic destination.
  7. Franchising: It is possible to franchise the product in several cities.


The investment we want to use for marketing and the running costs.

Ervaring founder(s):

The founding team are a father and son. The father has been a lawyer with his own firm for many years and the son has been an entrepreneur for several years.

Overige relevante informatie:

We have an investment memo available on request.


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B2B and B2C


Leisure, Horeca



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Venture Capital, Private-Equity, Incubator-Accelerator

Benodigd kapitaal:

€ 250.000,-

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€ 650.000,-

Minimale ticketsize:

€ 25.000,-

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€ 0,-

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€ 0,-

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