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3 november 2022

This is an online therapy platform that brings together psychologists and individuals seeking psychological support.

The startup is a project that started on August 2, 2021. The goal of this platform is to bring everyone who seeks psychological treatment, to the most reliable experts in the field. Furthermore, it aims to create a platform where…

– people of all languages, religions, races and sex can get support.

– they can reach experts quickly and easily

– they do not need an intermediary to make an appointment

– the treatment turns into an easy process for the client.

Currently, there are 16 active psychologists in the system of this startup project. This number can be increased quickly if desired, since there are many psychologists who want to get on the platform. 

The market size of online therapy is currently 1.5 billion people in the world. Of this number, 15 million are in the accessible market and are actively using these services. This startup project aims at a market of 1 million in the first place. There are currently 232 registered clients in the system and 43 appointments have been scheduled. With these demo sessions, the system and appointment experience have been tested and improved.

Now, this team is getting ready to increase their momentum and scale the business to the global market by seeking 200.000 Euros of seed financing for the development of the system, marketing activities, mobile application development studies and innovative R&D studies. They want to become a leader in this market and secure our position by bringing innovations in this field.

Road map:

  • Start – August 2021
  • Demo Version – March 2022
  • Seo Optimizations and Updating the Site – August 2022
  • Receive investment. Corporate collaborations – Q4 2022
  • Release of the new version of the platform. Advertising work begins – Q1 2023
  • Mobile app – 2Q-3Q 2023
  • Pilot studies for new services. (Dietitian, etc.) – 2023 Q4

Business model:

Shared Income Model 65% Psychologist – 35% Single Sessions Packages (3+1 etc.) Monthly Subscription Collaboration Business-to-Business.

Customer type:

B2B & B2C

Prefered investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist and strategic investors


  1. Freedom for clients to choose the experts they like. In addition, the automatic matching method can be preferred by the system by filling out a questionnaire.
  2. The possibility to remain anonymous. The sessions can be started without providing any personal information.
  3. Fixed prices for each psychologist. Also fixed prices for single or multiple sessions. In addition, there are low-cost package options.
  4. Experts from different cultures and languages. This provides communication with experts from different languages and cultures.

Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

  • €12K Software;
  • €120K Marketing;
  • €12K Services Used;
  • €30K Employee;
  • €6K Mobile Application;
  • €20K Unforeseen costs.


B2B Software, B2C Software, Health



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Experience founder(s):

The first founder and Company CEO is located in the Netherlands and is responsible for all administrative operations. He is also the founder of a GGZ institution in the Netherlands. He started this company on his own and has 15 employees right now. He is a psychologist, acupuncturist and CEO.

The other partner company CTO, is located in Turkey and is responsible for all technical operations. He is a product development specialist.

There are four software experts and four marketing experts in his team. All official processes and assets of the company are registered in the Netherlands.

Monthly turnover:


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Other Financial information:

€19.650 had been invested by the founders in the company so far.

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