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2 augustus 2020

2local is a loyalty platform that supports local-2-local and sustainability. It is tapping into banking with native L2L tokens, which are designed to rise in value as part of a cashback system. The goal is to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

The unity of happy bright people and a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

Support sustainability and bring prosperity by tapping into banking with the blockchain-3.0 powered 2local platform, which rewards local-2-local and sustainable purchases.

The 2local platform is equipped with a payment app, including a marketplace with local and sustainable companies, and a monthly cashback for payments with L2L coins are designed for a rising exchange rate.

Value Proposition
We don’t make profit from people we create value with people. Supporting sustainability and prosperity for all is done in a unique way, with cashback and a coin designed to rise in value.
Providing a free loyalty platform for local-2-local or sustainable companies. We use propriotory technology based on blockchain-3.0 which is highly scalable, secure, ultra-fast and low energy consuming.

The Market
We believe that supporting and developing sustainable solutions for the world is necessary to pave the path to prosperity. This is a B2B and B2P multi-trillion dollar industry.

Current Company Metrics
• Website with 2local accounts is established.
• Blog website
• Buy and transfer of L2L coins are available.
• Initial tractions with 31K+ members owning an account.
• 2local app version 2.0 on Android and iOS.
• Marketplace with connected companies in app.
• Casback available for field testing.
• Social Media Community 130K+ Followers.
• Private investments $135K.

Required investment: $1 million

loyalty platform

More information: 2local.io

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