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28 februari 2022

Beschrijving onderneming:

This blockchain FinTech company has created a platform (fully working MVP) with decentralized user-driven markets for digital options. On their markets you can bet on outcomes of certain events such as finance, sports, crypto, and politics. If you are missing a market, you can simply create it yourself. This platform is user-driven.

The platform offers a universe of digital option markets – markets you won’t find anywhere else. You can create markets yourself and earn transaction costs as a market creator.

This company leads traders to the user-driven markets and provides them liquidity to the markets through a proprietary algorithm. This ensures a high level of transactions. The platform is secure and the markets are totally decentralized. They do not hold any user funds and trading is peer-to-peer via Ethereum Blockchain. There is no counter party risk since money is deposited on the blockchain. It’s very simple to use. The only thing you need is an Ethereum wallet. The platform can be used by using their website and via their mobile app.

Business model:

The Company charges a 1% fee per transaction.

Type klant:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor


  • Automated trading bot (algorithm) that ensures liquidity (for small deals/bets you need buyers/sellers – if they are not present, the bot will take over);
  • Decentralized platform;
  • Approved by government.

Benodigd kapitaal:



– 48% Development

– 40% Marketing & sales

– 12% General&admin


Fintech, Crypto/Blockchain, Platform



Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:



The management team all have at a minimum a Master’s Degree and some have an MBA. They have extensive experience in developing blockchain technologies and FinTech.

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Overige relevante informatie:

The company received €100k investment from third-party investors so far (€50k by an angel investor and €50k by a semi-government organization).

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