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7 september 2023

Capital required

€ 2.300.000,-

Monthly turnover

€ 0,-

Minimal ticketsize

€ 75.000,-


Crypto-Blockchain, Gaming, Impact

We are a startup at the intersection of gaming and sustainability, uniquely positioned to make an impact on the global climate crisis.”

  • Core Product: A turn-based RPG game that integrates real-world environmental action.
  • State of Business: In development for 21 months, we are pre-launch with no current turnover.
  • Investment: Over €150k and 2900+ hours contributed by team members and partners.
  • Unique Value: Seamlessly connecting gaming experiences with tangible contributions to environmental sustainability.
  • Team and Partnerships: Consisting of 8-10 committed team members and 4 external partnering companies, augmented by international contributors.
  • Research and Development: Collaborations with 2 Dutch universities for market research and concept testing, commencing in October 2023.
  • Location: Primarily based in The Netherlands but with a global outlook.

Business model:

Our business model is a unique fusion of entertainment and environmental action, designed for impact and profitability. Leveraging the vast global gaming market, we offer a distinct blend of revenue streams to sustain and grow.”

  • Core Revenue: Free-to-play with in-game microtransactions.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Partnerships for exclusive in-game content and missions, generating additional revenue and user engagement.
  • Real-World Assets: Integration of green assets like solar farms and tree planting as part of gameplay, creating a new form of gamified crowdfunding for environmental NGOs.
  • Blockchain Technology: Ensures transparency and trust, providing a secure and transparent way to handle digital assets and NGO funding.
  • Market Potential: Targeting the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, enhanced by a unique focus on real-world environmental impact.
  • Traction: Built on a scalable, blockchain-enabled platform, aiming for rapid user adoption and trust.


Trollverse uniquely fuses gaming and climate action. Our USPs: real-world green assets in-game, blockchain security, and a community-driven model to drive environmental impact. Play, earn, and heal the planet.

  • Hybrid Ecosystem: Seamlessly combines fun gaming with climate action and energy transition, offering a uniquely immersive experience.
  • Purposeful Blockchain: Utilizes blockchain not just as a buzzword but as a meaningful tool for transparent, secure transactions and community ownership.
  • Real Impact: Bridges the real and virtual worlds to effect tangible environmental change, backed by real-world assets like tree-planting programs and solar farms.
  • Community Engagement: Fosters a strong sense of community by uniting gamers and real-world communities around environmental causes.
  • Value Creation: Introduces real-world assets with real-world value into the gaming ecosystem, enriching the user experience.
  • Democratic Ownership: Employs a business model that allows players to share in the success, making them stakeholders in the enterprise.

Investment need:

Financial Overview for MVP (All figures in $1,000)

Revenues and Investments

  • Seed Investments: $2,300

Gross Sales Revenues/Assets: –


  • Game Development/RC: $475
  • Blockchain/RC: $95
  • Marketing/PR: $90
  • Rewards for Gamers/NGOs: –
  • Overall Development/RC: $465
  • Game Support Expenses (Liquidity): –
  • Unforeseen (7%): $90
  • Solar/Carbon Credits: $1,000
  • Investors Repayments: –

Total Costs: $2,215

Financial Roadmap: 12 Months After MVP

Within a year of launching our MVP, we’ll initiate revenue streams via in-game and real-world asset sales, complemented by a token sale for ongoing game development.

The investment for this round of funding is set with a ceiling of $2,300,000 and a floor of $1,500,000.

Experience founder(s):

Our founding team is an international blend of experts strategically positioned for immediate impact and scalable growth. With key partnerships with industry leaders, we’re committed to building a revolutionary business from the ground up, ensuring both delivery and scalability.

  • Founding Trio: Comprising seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record in business development and strategic execution.
  • Gaming Designer: Our Head Game Designer is a monetization specialist with over 15 years of experience at gaming giants like Fifa and Ubisoft.
  • Multi-talented Cohort: Team members bring expertise in areas like writing, voice-over, game development, and software engineering.
  • Trusted Partners: We’ve established partnerships with professional companies, mainly based in The Netherlands, specialized in: Professional international Game Development, Marketing, Branding, Solar Park Development, and Blockchain Technology.”

Other relevant information:

Invested capital until now: +€ 150.000,-
Invested man-hours by team members and partners: +2.900

Developing a game takes time, 6 – 8 months to develop the MVP and the fundamentals of the game, followed by finalizing the game, in our case, about 12 months. With our concept, we will be able to already get active interaction and create income with/through our community around the launch of the MVP. This is unique for game development.

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Crypto-Blockchain, Gaming, Impact



Country registered:


Number of current employees:


Number of founders:


Desired type of investor(s):

Angel Investor

Capital required:

€ 2.300.000,-

Committed funding:

€ 0,-

Minimal ticketsize:

€ 75.000,-

Monthly turnover:

€ 0,-

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

€ 500.000,-

Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:

€ 1.500.000,-

Monthly costs:

€ 0,-

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