The innovative alternative for driving a dedicated car

2 november 2020


This company provides the alternative for driving a dedicated car.

They guarantee their subscribers that within 5 minutes after they requested a trip, a car will be around to pick them up. 7 Days a week, 24 hours a day. The company will drive the customers to their destination and drop them off at the door step. The trip time is the same as in a personally owned car. So you will not loose any time in transferring, unlike public transport. All other car sharing and mobility services only offer a ‘best-effort’ option, which means that you don’t have transportation when you need it then most.

The business model is subscription-based, for a specific mileage. The advantage for the customer is that the cost of the subscription is less than owning and operating your own car.

Furthermore, they only drive electric cars. Every electric car they deploy in the model will take out 8 – 10 fossil fueled cars. This will accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources in transportation.

Reducing the total amount of cars will result in a decline in required parking space. The more volume they deliver on their platform, the better the service they provide and the bigger the positive impact on society.

Competition (like Uber and Viavan) are more expensive than this company. The difference lies mainly in the density and predictability of the traffic, due to the subscription model that this company uses. They provide low costs and extra commitment (the 5 minutes driving time) and ask for the commitment in the form of a subscription, which can be canceled per month. It can be canceled because the company offers so much quality and added value that there is no one who cancels our service if he / she still wants to travel regularly.

They will start with the pilots in 2021 (Weststellingwerf & Alphen a/d Rijn) and have planned two pilots with a minimum of 250 subscribers. The pilots will last two years. After that, they will scale up to Dutch coverage as quickly as possible. The scaling-up phase is expected to take 7 years and then they will grow from 500 subscribers to 2 million subscribers and will have 250,000 vehicles on the road.

Benodigd Kapitaal:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Venture Capitalist; Private Equity

Gewenste eigenschappen / competenties die je zoekt in een investeerder:

They are looking for an investor with sufficient space to carry out the pilot phase. Experience with platform services, where volume enhances the quality of the service and profitability is a plus. The company has international potential and is also engaged in the first talks to find foreign partners for a franchise construction. Knowledge of and being able to provide support in that process is a plus.


Mobility; Energy; Impact

In welke fase bevindt de organisatie zich?:


Omzet (Historisch & Prognose):

2019: €150K, 2020: €200K. 2021: €450K 2022: €900K, 2023: €150M

2021 and 2022 are the pilot and testing phases. And from 2023 on, they will be in the (profitable) upscaling phase. They will be rolling out by region, with a profitable minimum of subscribers and vehicles in each location. For the rollout, they have a cell model, where each cell is largely autonomous, with limited overhead across the cells for coordination of activities.


The investment will be used to finance the losses during the pilots. In this phase they work with drivers in the vehicles, which results in a significant additional cost item. After the pilots, autonomous vehicles will be available (most likely Tesla, other options we are monitoring), with which we can carry out the further roll-out in such a way that we continue to maintain a positive cash flow in the growth phase, without necessary additional investments.

Aantal founders:


Aantal werknemers:


EBITDA (Historisch & Prognose):

2018: -€80K, 2019: €30K, 2020: €50K, 2021: -€7,8M, 2022: -€10,3M, 2023: €43,6M

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