The ecosystem of light electric vehicles for last-mile delivery

18 juni 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

This startup provides an ecosystem of light electrical vehicles for last-mile delivery. Their mission: replace 145.000 dirty delivery vans in cities with clean, congestion-free and fleet-optimized vehicles by 2030. Their vehicle platform is designed to be scalable. They provide a basis for future products leading to a significant reduction of development time and cost. 

Their digital ecosystem consists of the connected vehicles and cloud services that enable a variety of services and Interfaces to customer fleet management software. Applications like dynamic route planning and real-time data through IoT will help businesses to optimize their operations. The Monitoring Vehicle Performance features, lead to a more transparent use and provide reliable planning through Service on demand. Their vehicles provide safety services as Anti Theft feature through GPS tracking. Fleet operations are easier with the Keyless operation that allows switching drivers via mobile phone.


Business Model:

Direct Sales, Leasing and Mobility as a Service.

Type klant:



Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor or Venture Capitalist.



– Faster and more efficient in inner cities through smaller form-factor.

– Modular cargo solution adaptable to different businesses and needs.

– Full connectivity though vertical integrated systems.

– Digital HMI and route optimization services.

– Smart parcel detection and recognition (saving time for operators while looking in the cargo area).

– Smart (in-house developed) battery for optimized performance. 


Benodigd Kapitaal:



65% R&D (27% in Labor and 38% in Development costs), 20% in Non-R&D Labor, 5% Marketing & Sales, 4% in Operational costs and 6% in Manufacturing costs.


Mobility; Logistics; Impact





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Overige informatie:

The conservative prognosis for the turn-over by:
-2025 is €32m
-2028 is €100m
-2030 is €300m

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