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27 oktober 2020

Company info:

This company is a gateway to programmatic advertising for small and medium sized digital agencies so they can grow their revenue.


The digital agencies with media buying department working professionally with big data need an advertising technology for buying and selling the media (ad exchange)

Currently, the digital agencies need to use different technologies (platforms) for every protocol (VAST/VPAID and OpenRTB) for buying and selling video and display ads in big volumes.

Small and medium-sized digital agencies struggle with the technical set up of the technology due to the lack of knowledge. The current solutions don’t give proper guidance and support to allow them to make it profitable.


This company offers a technological solution (Platform) for buying and selling video and display ads in big volumes to small and medium-sized digital agencies. Their platform connects all protocols at the same time. 

The clients can rent their technology on a monthly basis. The core of our company is quality service with high attention to the clients and learning sessions so they can get to know how to do the technical setup and grow their revenue.

They also offer an anti-fraud solution from their partner.


The small and medium-sized digital agencies that sell and buy video and banner ads between their direct partners and can do the volume of 50M impressions per month with a 10% conversion rate.

Financial model

They rent the platform on CPM model – cost per 1.000 impressions

The price for 1.000 impressions: €0.11  

The clients pay them monthly for the volumes (number of impressions) they do via their platform.


The company gathers a team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in IT and online advertising industries. The management team is coming from the online sectors with millions of turnover.

Also, they have team members with experience in competitors’ companies.

Their advisors are more than 20 years in IT involved in science, tech development, finance and legal sides.

Previously received funds:

100.000 EUR – Business Angel

13.600 EUR – Amazon start-up grant

Cap table

Founder I – 37%

Founder II – 37%

Founder III – 5%

Business Angel I – 20%

Advisor – 1%

Required Capital:


Investment break down:

€120.000 – payroll

€13.000 – administrative

€12.000 – research & development 

€5.000 – marketing

€300.000 – technology

Company phase:

Early Growth


B2B Software;  Deep Tech

No. of founders:


No. Of employees:


Legal structure:

Eastern European: Private limited.

Company can be transferred to a Dutch BV if needed.

Turnover (Historical & Forecast):

Actual: 2020 – 1.045 EUR


2020 – 9.793 EUR

2021 – 1.555.400 EUR

2022 – 6.278.800 EUR

2023 – 8.684.500 EUR

Ideal Investor specs:

Business angel/strategic investor

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