Making restaurants scalable by cloud kitchens

4 oktober 2022

Imagine if you could scale a restaurant the same way you scale software.

Currently, it is very expensive and risky to scale a restaurant. Restaurant owners have to invest an average of €300K for each new location opened. In addition to that, they are faced with long lease agreements, expensive remodeling, and risks in case the concept does not work. Furthermore, a brick-and-mortar restaurant needs 25 people, which is very hard to find in the current environment.

This company solves these pain points by providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform so that restaurant owners can simply plug and play into their network of ready-to-use kitchen spaces and utilize their suite of technology products. Building on their first mover advantage, this company is capturing a share of a 3Bn Dutch market which is only growing. Furthermore, this company is looking to have a network of ‘plug & play’ kitchens located in the center of a densely populated area.

From these kitchens, restaurants can create multiple revenue streams. Firstly, restaurants can partner with delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Takeaway to sell their products online. Additionally, restaurants can benefit from a pick-up option. This means that anyone can come in to mix and match across the different brands and place a direct order. Lastly, restaurants can do catering services and use their own sales channels to generate more revenue.

With this cloud-kitchen concept, the investment for the restaurants is not €300K, but only €20K. The operating costs are also substantially lower than with a regular restaurant due to the minimal need for staff, space and utilities. Easily expanding their business, allows them to reach new areas and serve more customers.

The company has already opened 1 location, which is currently fully occupied by 7 different restaurant brands.

Business Model:

The company leases/purchases restaurant or retail spaces on long-term leases and renovates them into a multi-tenant ‘plug and play’ space. They generate revenue from the rent of these spaces, a commission of on-site orders, and e-commerce advisory services.

The company realizes huge gains for every site they purchase, remodel, and secure demand for Real estate asset value. Placing several restaurant kitchens at 1 location will make much more efficient use of the property and the rental income will increase sharply (400%). Also, the value of the real estate increases on average by 300%.

Additionally, the company takes a commission of 7.5% over every takeaway order done on-site through our technology.

Customer type / profile:

B2B, B2C, B2B2C

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist; Private Equity


  • Excellent, experienced team;
  • Already profitably with 1 location;
  • Multiple income streams (rent +/+ margin on takeaway meals);
  • Can perform much faster than other competitors;
  • The value of the real estate is on average 300% above the price for which these properties are rented;
  • Strong price market.

Capital amount needed:

€ 1.500.000,- (Minimal ticket size is €100K)

Investment need:

The investment will be used to launch 2+ more locations in cities across the Netherlands and for growth of the company (personnel +/+ development of platform).


Restaurant / catering industry; Real Estate


Early Growth

Number of founders:


Current number of employees:



The company is led by an ambitious and excellent team that covers all aspects of business operations. The CE/founder has experience as a manager at McKinsey. The CCO and co-founder held different management positions within Uber Eats. The rest of the team has held management positions at: Deliveroo and as leading real estate agents.

Monthly turnover (current):

€21.000, – annually

The first location is a breakout success. The scale-up is 100% occupied (7/7 kitchens) and tenants pay €2.9K per month. That means they are generating €250K in annual revenue with this location. They are also profitable! The Amsterdam location will generate €147K in earnings this year and the tenants are doing great, achieving break even sales in less than two months.

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Other relevant information:

The company has raised €1.200.000,- to date.

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