Leveraging positive impact for marketing

15 oktober 2020


This company helps conscious brands leverage their greatest asset – the positive impact that they generate – by showcasing it at a per customer level, in order to grow referrals to new customers. Additional benefits are increased brand engagement, customer retention and elimination of the need to provide discounts as incentives to keep customers loyal. And of course, this is also good for the planet!

Compared to other referral or customer advocacy programmes, this organization directly uses the positive impact metrics of the sustainable brand to gamify customer engagement. Additionally, the impact showcasing helps the brand eliminate the need to give discounts to incentivize referrals; leading to greater cost savings per referral.

They help customers reduce cost of acquisition by helping bring in new customers as ‘free’ referrals. In addition, they also reinforce the impact credentials of a sustainable brand by bringing them to the centre of the customer conversation.
Furthermore, they help bring positive impact to the centre of the purchase decision apart from helping the growth of sustainable brand in general.

Benodigd Kapitaal:

EUR 200.000

Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor

Gewenste eigenschappen / competenties die je zoekt in een investeerder:

Impact focused. Preferred – Experienced with SaaS, E-commerce, Marketing


B2B Software; E-Commerce; Impact

In welke fase bevindt de organisatie zich?:


Omzet (Historisch & Prognose):

For 2020 (till date): EUR 13000. MRR = EUR 2200

We expect to close 2 more paying customers this month, in addition have a healthy pipeline of 15+ engaged brands. We expect to cross EUR 5k MRR by the end of this year.


Primarily working capital till we hit break even (EUR 15000 MRR) by mid-next year. Investment ask also includes a ‘worst case’ buffer. The primary focus right now is product validation – i.e. to create positive 5+ case studies proving the business value of our software. For this period it is difficult for us to fairly price the product or scale revenues effectively. We are therefore looking for external funding until we can begin relying on revenue from our software product directly.

Aantal founders:


Aantal werknemers:


Overige relevante informatie:

Previously raised EUR 200K+ funding in total. Includes investments from an Amsterdam based accelerator, RVO (Grant + Soft loan), and Angels apart from friends & family. We are ~87% Founder owned as of date.
We have a complete in house product engineering team based in India (5 people), and a local sales presence in the Netherlands with 2 cofounders based permanently in Amsterdam.

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