World’s first healthy food-tech beer brand

1 maart 2021

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Company description:

This startup is the world’s first food-tech beer brand that leverages patented technology to create functional, healthy non-alcoholic beers designed for the fit, health-conscious consumers of tomorrow to disrupt the old-economy beer market.

The product range consists of

–    Protein Beer light: the world’s first non-alcoholic light beer with 7g protein at only 63 calories per bottle Developed as the ultimate healthy refreshment after an active day

Protein Beer lemon: the world’s first non-alcoholic high protein beer with 15g vegan protein and 7g BCAA.  Developmed as the perfect post-workout-drink to replace artificial protein shakes

–    Vitamin Beer: the world’s first non-alcoholic beer rich in vitamin C, B9 and B12 Developed as the ideal boost for the immune system with maximum flavor

–    NEW IN 2021 CBD BEER: the world’s first non-alcoholic beer with 10mg CBD based on nanotechnology

Developed as the optimal drink to unwind and relax in the evening

In 2.5 years of scientific research in cooperation with Berlin Institute of Technology, the company has developed worldwide unique brewing technologies and a patented yeast with a potential to revolutionize the beer shelve. The result: award-winning, non-alcoholic beers with functional benefits such as proteins, vitamins and CBD for the health-oriented, active consumers of tomorrow.

The company has a significant technological advantage due to the Innovative brewing process and patented yeast. Several failed attempts to copy the products by potential competitors have proven the worth of this innovation. Further, they have established a strong partner network from production to logistics, so that the company can focus on its key responsibilities of marketing and sales. The system can be scaled up to 2,000% within 3 months.

Business Model:

Direct sales


Customer type / profile:



Preferable investor type:

Angel investor; Incubator/accelerator


This startup is the first brand In the beer sector to leverage technology and intellectual property as a means of differentiation. Customer demands are changing rapidly, and traditional beer companies are unable to react to trends in time. With the world’s first non-alcoholic protein beers, this company combines the trends of natural, non-alcoholic, mindful consumption with the demand for functional health products. 

With this distinct USP, this startup is able to cater to modern customer demands and thereby generate real value In an otherwise declining market sector. With customer centricity at the heart of the company, the company is investing heavily in trend-driven research to enlarge the functional product range, issue additional patents and launch products the market asks for in record time.

Capital amount needed:



Investment breakdown:

The funds will mainly be utilized as growth capital (45% marketing, 35% HR) to scale the sales activities, particularly in the eCommerce channel. Further 20% are needed to finance the OPEX.




Series A

Number of founders:


Current number of employees:



Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:



Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


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