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25 oktober 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

First, there was Booking.com. Then there was Airbnb. Now it’s time for this startup: A peer-to-peer marketplace for finding workspaces. You can book a workspace anywhere, even in someone’s chic living room. This company lets you turn the world into your office. The economy is changing; Hybrid work is the new status quo.

Working from home became ubiquitous during the pandemic, but it’s not a permanent solution. Homes and traditional offices lack the engagement and hospitality that workers crave, and the real estate market doesn’t offer a fitting or flexible supply. As commercial real estate transforms from a trading commodity into a consumer product, the workspace market will evolve in the same way the hotel market did. Companies will fuel this trend by seeking remote workers to increase their talent pool. These workers want more freedom and control over where and how they work, and they will need a one-stop shop like the platform of this startup to enable it.


Business Model:

The company helps property owners repurpose their underutilized spaces to create new, nonconflicting income streams. The hosts pay no commission, and we simply add a 10-20% markup to each listing. This model is designed to be extremely attractive to hosts. It will help increase the supply of workspaces, driving down the prices and providing users with new, unique options. Future earnings models could include a SaaS license fee for employers and advertising fees for hosts.

Type klant:

B2B & B2C


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist



This startup is the hybrid two-sided marketplace offering on-demand flexible office spaces, workspaces and stays at multiple types of space providers both at businesses and residential. The first peer-to-peer marketplace reimagining the use of space. The first platform increasing supply in an unconventional way by repurposing existing commercial and residential spaces.

Benodigd Kapitaal:



This startup is looking for 15 months of financing to reach 23,000+ transactions on its platform. They will use the investment for online marketing, further product development and building the team.


Zakelijke dienstverlening; Platform





Aantal founders:



Aantal huidige werknemers:




The founding team includes an experienced full-stack developer, a full-time business developer and a dedicated online marketer. All three have committed their lives for the near future to the growth and expansion of this company. They refuse to give up, and they will shoot for the moon. 

The CEO brings 25+ years of experience leading and growing companies across various industries and of various sizes. He is a growth-driven commercial leader capable of building, fixing or accelerating. With a strong background in hospitality businesses, his passion lies especially in early-stage and mid-stage startups with disruptive ideas, where he can implement acceleration strategies and translate business conceptualizations into actionable goals. As CEO, he is committed to transforming the future of work and is ready to lead this startup to the promised land.

The CMO is a marketeer from New York City specializing in online advertising, SEO, branding, content development and growth marketing. He has experience building a brand from the ground up, moving from concept to strategy to execution, and he has developed many creative skillsets along the way including video production, copywriting and design. As the CMO, he has so far built the brand concept and laid out a marketing strategy that will ensure rapid growth in the coming months.

The CTO is a full-stack app and web developer specializing in C#.net / ASP.net / VB.net / PHP / ASP / jQuery / Javascript / Ajax / HTML / CSS / MySQL / MSSQL. With 22 years of experience leading technical teams, he is capable of building almost any type of software project from scratch. He has a clear vision on how the platform needs to develop from its current MVP stage to future iterations and beyond. His technical expertise will help guide the ship as their business grows.


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Overige relevante informatie:

In the last 4 months, €25.000,- has been invested.

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